Red Striped Moroccan Thobe/Kamees'

Red Moroccan thobes are a must have! Although they can be a year round attire. I find that the dark red of the Short Sleeve thobe often becomes mesmerising in the autum thobe season. The red just compliments the darker seasons and  is really complimented by the Orange and Yellow ambiance caused by the trees. 


Islamic wear for men is evolving with the latest trend of Moroccan thobes. These striped Moroccan Thobes/Jubbahs are making a statement with their monochrome selection of colors.

What makes Moroccan Thobes stand out?

The unique design of Moroccan thobes sets them apart from traditional Islamic wear. The striped patterns and monochrome colors add a modern touch to the traditional garment.

Why are Moroccan Thobes popular?

The popularity of Moroccan thobes can be attributed to their stylish and contemporary look. Men are drawn to the sleek design and fashionable appeal of these garments.

How to style Moroccan Thobes?

Pairing Moroccan thobes with accessories like a stylish watch or leather sandals can elevate the overall look. Opt for minimalistic jewelry to keep the focus on the intricate design of the thobe.

Where to find quality Moroccan Thobes?

When looking for Moroccan thobes, it's essential to choose reputable retailers that offer high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship. Online stores specializing in Islamic wear often have a wide selection of Moroccan thobes to choose from.

Overall, the trend of Moroccan thobes for men is a reflection of the evolving fashion landscape within Islamic wear. Embracing these modern interpretations of traditional garments allows men to express their style while staying true to their cultural roots.




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