Why Moroccan Thobe only have on pocket

Thawbs with pockets are a practical choice, especially for travelers. The convenience of having a pocket to store personal items reduces the risk of misplacement. But when it comes to Moroccan thobes, do they only come with one pocket? 

Yes, Moroccan thobes only have one pocket. this is often due to convenience as the single pocket thobes allow the user to have access to the clothing and trousers which they are waring underneath. Single pocket thobe are the t

The Timeless Moroccan Thobe

With its elegant design and unique characteristics, the Moroccan thawb, also known as gandoura, is a garment rich in history and cultural significance. One of the features that often sparks curiosity is the number of pockets on a Moroccan thobe.

A Single Pocket Tradition

Traditionally, Moroccan thobes typically come with one pocket. This single pocket design reflects the simplicity and functionality of the garment. Despite the modern variations and styles available, many traditional Moroccan thobes still adhere to this one-pocket tradition.

Practicality and Style

While some may prefer multiple pockets for added convenience, the single pocket design of Moroccan thobes serves a practical purpose. It allows for the safekeeping of essential items without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the garment.

In conclusion, Moroccan thobes are known for their timeless elegance and cultural significance, with the single pocket design being a characteristic feature of these traditional garments. So, if you're wondering whether Moroccan thobes only have one pocket, the answer is typically yes.

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