Will Hadiqat Al Thawb continue to focus on Short sleeve Djellaba, will they be adding hooded thobes? Are mens Thobes the last of the products being sold at Hadiqat?

Next move for Hadiqat

Alhamdulillah here Hadiqat Al Thawb we have been bless by allah with the small customer base we have but inshallah we are planning to start selling more so if you are someone who is looking to buy mens thobe we have them for sale. But what if i want to buy Hooded thobes? don't worry soon inshallah we are planning to expand past our current short sleeve thobes and into the realm of both islamic womens wear and even deeper into mens islamic thobe and accessories. 

Will the be a moroccan thobes store near me?

Alhamdulillah we are at a point in time where we do not need to leave the house for anything. but when we do we might want to leave in some form of islamic attire or other cultural islamic thobes. for the moment hadiqat is planning to remain an e-commerce platfrom that serves the needs of our muslim and muslimah clients.  ther is many options in the future and one of them is to move to other platfroms like amazon and ebay to sell our Djelleba. 



What is to come at Hadiqat then?

Inshallah to be very frank we plan to sell and allow you to buy Kids moroccan thobes, Saudi style/Emirati thobe, prayer mats, Ouds, womens wear, kids islamic attire and inshallah more. at the moment we plan to sell. But inshallah nearer to now we plan on introducing a Royal collection. 


The Royal collection

Royal collection at Hadiqat. the royal collection will be something new that we are trying to introduce. here at Hadiqat we appreciate variety when looking for moroccan thibes. We will hence introduce a new style of morrocan thobe that will introduced at premium pricing. this style of clothing is rather rare to aquire and has a rather uniq colour that is perfect for the Spring and summer thobe season. 


Who does Hadiqat Al Thawb orientate their products to?

Here at Hadiqat we don limit ourselves in terms of who we don't want to limit our selves or our customers especially during the ramdan period. we have recently introduced kids prayer mats to cover a wider variety of clientele. As well as this on the products we sell Inshallah we are aming to cover all aspects of our feats i.e do something and do it well. hence why we are trying to reach out to customers of all diferrent body shapes and sizes. From Thick and and broad to slim and tall we the Dishdasha/Djellaba is a very all round ecompassing product that is very well suited thobe for all Body shapes as is a somewhat loose fitting item.





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